Homework break and haven’t done this in a while cool who cares

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Also my grandma felt bad for me having to work on Easter and not getting to hang out with them for very long so she made me a cake out of snickerdoodles and that wonderful crunchy sugar glaze icing stuff and forced me to take half of it home god bless grandmas

However I also made myself a real dinner tonight that represented more than two food groups and proceeded to take out the trash and wash the dishes immediately after so there is some pride to take in this day

I washed my sheets at Mitch’s last night and today I pulled a muscle in my back and now I have to make my bed with an injured back and by that I mean I’m sleeping on an unmade bed probably

Mitch and I just watched The Book Thief and like 

That was not even a little bit as emotional as the book I didn’t feel anything AT ALL from that what a letdown

I saw a thing and accidentally glanced at the comments and one said “they deserved to die those ungodly people” don’t read the comments ever ok 


i put the sad in quesadilla


Melon nappin’ in my lap